Energy audit and feasibility study

Energy efficiency is not an end, but rather a process of continuous improvement. We can always improve energy efficiency and reduce it to a minimum, but some measures will not necessarily be viable, so we will always need energy.

The energy audit will, firstly, provide an energy balance to see and understand where our main sources of energy expenditure lie. The audit will also provide a record of equipment in place with an assessment of their performance. It is at this stage that opportunities for improvement are identified.

In a second step, a feasibility study will assess the energy savings potential for each of the opportunities identified and estimate the cost of implementation and the potential financial support available. Finally, according to each client’s specific criteria, a list of potential projects is raised and presented, in order of priority.

If your are not able to achieve everything at the same time, C-nergie can assist you in the process and develop with you an investment plan spread over time, according to your objectives.