Other services

Support and technical support

If you already have a project on the table and you want an external opinion to make sure that you make the right decisions and leave nothing behind, C-nergie can accompany you through the different steps, from conception to realization.

If you have questions about your current facilities and want to make sure that you operate efficiently, again, we are at your disposal to provide you with the necessary support.

Sales tax recovery

With a turnover of more than $10 million, a business is eligible for an input tax credit (ITC) on energy used to manufacture sales products. Essentially, this tax measure reduces the tax burden on energy used by large companies in the manufacturing process.

C-nergie can help you review the tax rate of your business and optimize the credit to which you are entitled. In concrete terms, our experts produce a report that allows us to recover credits up to four years after the submission of this report. Our team also makes sure to defend this report with Revenu Quebec, in case you are asked about it.

Training and technical assistance

Training and technical assistance provide a better understanding of your mechanical systems and their interrelationships. They also help to educate managers and their employees on monitor and improve, or at least maintain, the effectiveness of their system.

Whether it is for your current installations or for a project that has just been realized, C-nergie’s experts will be able to develop a specific training course to the identified needs of your teams. Here are some courses already provided for our clients:

  • Energy bill study
  • Introduction to HVAC systems
  • Strategies to reduce energy costs
  • Effective lighting

Energy bill study

An electric power bill, a gas bill or any other energy suppliers’ invoice can sometimes be complex to understand; pricing, power factor, etc. The invoice’s study allows us to popularize theses elements for our costumers.

C-nergie’s team is familiar with the various energy suppliers’ invoices and can answer your questions. Our team allows you to answer questions such as:

  • Are we paying too much for our energy, are we at the right price?
  • What does the use factor mean?
  • What is the power factor? Does this affect my bill?

Following the analysis of your energy bills, C-nergie will be able to propose changes with your suppliers if needed and, perhaps, identify opportunities for improvement in your facilities.