Geothermal energy

The sun’s energy warms our planet directly and indirectly. The sun’s radiation warms the soil directly to the surface while its heat evaporates from the water of the lakes and the rivers and will eventually return to earth and infiltrate. A few meters from the surface, the earth’s heat and groundwater is a source of free and renewable energy.

A geothermal system can circulate a heat transfer fluid through an underground network and extract heat from the ground, using a heat pump. The heat extracted will, for example, heat the air of the building and the cool fluid will after return to the ground where it will be warmed again by the energy still stored there. The process can also be reversed to cool the air in the building and, therefore, return heat to the ground.

Unlike air-to-air heat pumps, the efficiency of the geothermal system varies a little during the winter, since the temperature on the ground, unlike the one from the air, remains constant. Well designed, a geothermal system can meet all cooling and most heating needs.

The cost of a system can greatly varies depending on the ground’s access, its nature and its size. C-nergie, with the help of its partners, can guide you assessing your needs and the feasibility of such a project.