Wind power

Wind energy is produced by the wind’s force on the blades of a turbine.  It rotates a drive shaft connected to an alternator that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. It only takes a 12 km/h wind to turn the blades of the wind turbine.

The energy is immediately transported to the connection station where the voltage level of the electricity is adjusted before being distributed on the power grid. Electricity generated by wind energy is one of the fastest growing methods in the world.

Electricity generated from wind farms can be used to meet local needs or to power an electricity distribution system, serving homes and businesses that are further away.

As the presence of wind and its intensity vary constantly, wind energy is most often used as an auxiliary source. Where winds are favorable in Quebec, a wind turbine produces about 30% of its capacity because it doesn’t always turn. The production costs of a wind turbine would vary from 6 to 12 ¢ per kilowatt hour.