Biomass energy, or bioenergy, is an energy extracted from non-fossil organic materials such as wood, straw, oil and plant wastes from forestry, agriculture and industry, as well as garbage. In Quebec, biomass represents a high energy potential and forest biomass, the most popular, still has a good development potential for cutting residues.

There are various processes for biomass’ energy recovery, depending on the category of the resource and the desired use. In Quebec, the biomethanisation is developing to reduce the volume of waste sent to landfills and the combustion of solid biomass is also popular and already widely used.

The heat produced by combustion can be used for cooking, heating, hot water and steam or electricity generation. Applications of combustion technologies range from simple wood fires to high-efficiency boilers and power plants to cogeneration.

C-nergie can assist you in optimizing your processes and converting your system to biomass. A detailed analysis will allow us to evaluate the project’s profitability, considering the available financial support.