Air compressor

Compressed air is a form of energy used to operate appliances, tools or industrial processes. Most manufacturing and processing industry use compressed air for their needs. Some commercial enterprises also use compressed air in cases where the use of electricity to power tools or appliances is impractical.

A typical air compressor compresses about 7 volumes of air at atmospheric pressure into 1 volume of air at higher pressure. The high air pressure obtained is distributed over a piping network to supply pneumatic appliances and tools.


Sources :

Compressed air is a very expensive energy source. As shown on the previous figure, typical losses related to compressed air’s production and distribution represent more than 90%. In other words, less than 10% of the energy produced can be used.

Since its a high cost energy, the following questions must be asked for each location:

  • Is compressed air the most appropriate source?
  • Is my equipment in good condition (filter, dryer, etc.)?
  • Are there any leaks in my air distribution system?
  • Can I lower the pressure in the network?
  • Is the capacity of my tanks adequate?

Briefly, the idea is to minimize the compressed air losses and needs. It is also possible to use the air compressor’s recovered heat as an energy efficiency measure. Indeed, as 80% of the energy is in heat’s form, it is possible to use it for space and water heating. C-nergie has already completed several projects of this nature. Let us make you an offer.