Equipments modernization

The term « mechanical room” is used to refer to the location of major mechanical equipment for building operations and/or necessary for a manufacturing industry’s operations. It, generally, includes ventilation units that are twinned, or not, with heating and cooling units.

The building’s heating can be produced using a simple electric coil, a gas burner or can also be generated by a boiler with water or steam that will be found in the mechanical room. On the cooling side, closed or open water circuit towers are generally used and require important equipment that will be located outdoors, more often, on the roof.

In a mechanical room,  we can also found a series of equipment such as air compressors, refrigeration equipment, boilers for domestic or industrial hot water needs, filtration units or water treatment.

Generally, the energy expenditure of an establishment is mainly located in the mechanical room. It is often possible to generate significant savings by optimizing controls and modernizing existing equipment.

C-nergie offers a complete service, starting with a global energy analysis of your installations until the implementation of the turnkey recommendations to optimize the mechanical equipment’s use.