Lighting system modernization

While building’s lighting has been considered a necessary expense with little economic potential for a long time, things have changed in recent years. Indeed, the technology developed since the 80s blew up the sources of lighting efficiency, as shown by the following graph:

Source :

Building’s owners can use energy-efficient solutions to lower their lighting costs by 30 to 70 percent, depending on the efficiency’s level of their current system.

Since its creation, C-nergie offers these institutional, commercial and industrial customers turnkey lighting modernization projects.

We generally propose two approaches:

  • The one-to-one replacement: consisting in the replacement of the tubes, the light bulbs, the ballasts or the replacement of only one light fixture with another, more efficient equivalent product;
  • Complete replacement of lighting fixtures:  Opportunity to redesign and take full advantage of the new technology’s potential.

In the second approach, it is possible to integrate notions going beyond the idea of seeking only profitability. It is conceivable to integrate direct and indirect lighting and dimming, according to natural lighting or the use.

Our services include a current state’s audit, a need’s analysis, design, an economics’ analysis, the implementation and the grant applications. C-nergie guarantees results and savings.