Energy recovery in the process

The manufacturing industry includes the goods-processing industries, but also the repair and the installation of industrial equipment. They usually use energy to turn a raw material into a by-product or a finished one. The heat generated by the industrial processes is often a problem corrected by a cooling system.

Cooling systems help to cool environments, materials or industrial processes. They are also used to prevent equipment’s overheating. A cooling system allows to remove the heat excess rejected elsewhere, mostly outside.

Heat recovery can be paired with cooling: the heat removed from a cooling process or equipment can be recovered to, among other things, help heat buildings or preheat liquids, parts or air required for the process. Available energy can be recovered in different ways.

  • Direct use of recovered heat, for example, the use of a compressor’s hot air to heat a nearby room;
  • Accumulation for future use such as, for example, heating water for sanitary cleaning in the food industry;
  • Indirect recuperation using a heat exchanger for the recovery of the chimney’s energy to preheat a boiler’s water.

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