79% of annual savings In lighting (diminution of 378 369$)

9 157 302 KWH of savings Or the average annual consumption of 366 single-family homes

A return on investment of 1.8 years

1 112 063$ In grants and subsidies

Groupe Robert chose LED lighting

Robert Transport has several buildings located pretty much everywhere in North America and answers the needs of its diverse clientele with, among others, its cold and refrigerated storage facilities. C-nergie has been selected by Robert Transport to analyze and perform lighting modernization of all its buildings situated in Quebec.

In addition to the lighting, the use of LED in the refrigerating warehouse was so superior to other technologies that we had to demonstrate savings by performing photometric and measurement studies. 

The benefits are:

-79% of annual savings on lighting (diminution of 378 369$);

-9 157 302 KWH of savings; Or the average annual consumption of 366 single-family homes;

-A return on investment period of 1.8 years;

-1 112 063$ in grants and subsidies;

Groupe Robert

Groupe Robert

« Groupe Robert, one of the major transportation companies in Canada, has always been at the forefront of innovative clean technologies in the trucking industry. Over the last decade, Groupe Robert has done a pioneering work in adopting technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve fuel efficiency.  »