48 893$ of savings On the heating bill

Return on investment period of 3.9 years

425 000$ In grants and subsidies

307 tons of GHGs/year The average annual consumption of 77 vehicle passengers

Légerlite reduces its energy bill

Group Legerlite has replaced its production unit; the molding machine and the pre-expandor and wanted to reduce its energy bill. The molding process was releasing a significant amount of heat so C-nergie decided to install a heat recovery system on the water basin of the molding machine.

The recovered energy is now used to pre- heat pre-expender air, make up water for steam boilers and primarily heat the air in a new 30,000 CFM ventilation unit.

The benefits are:

-48 893$ of savings on the heating costs;

-162 600 m³ of natural gas saved;

-Return on investment period of 3.9 years;

-425 000$ in subsidies; 

-307 tons of GHGs/year; The average annual consumption of 77 passenger vehicles;

Groupe Légerlite

Groupe Légerlite

"Founded in 1961, Groupe Legerlite is the pioneer in the polystyrene foam industry. For more than 40 years, the company has been using sophisticated process technologies to manufacture high-quality products. This is why, over the years, Groupe Legerlite has become a past master in its service to a growing clientele. The company enjoys a highly enviable reputation throughout the polystyrene market. Groupe Legerlite serves territories in Québec and Ontario, the maritimes provinces and in several U.S. cities. It also has a subsidiary in Ontario: Foam Concept 2000. Groupe Legerlite's team mission is to offer high quality services and products, tailored to the needs of its customers."

Source: https://www.legerlite.ca/en/aboutus/company