75% of savings On the gas bill (diminution of 40 000$)

Return on investment period of 1 year

197 000$ In grants and susidies

165 tons of GHGs/year The average annual consumption of 37 passenger vehicles

Solmax reduces its energy consumption

Solmax chose C-nergie to set up a heat recovery system at their facilities to maximize energy consumption and reduce costs. The heat that was previously rejected outside their building could be recovered and C-nergie had the mandate to find the most effective solution and the best way to do it.

The heat losses of three extruders are now recovered and used to heat peripheral areas that were previously supported by natural gas fans heaters. The solutions implemented have allowed a considerable reduction of the natural gas bill. 

The benefits are:

-75% of savings on the gas bill (diminution of 40 000$);

-87 300 m³ of natural gas saved;

-Return on investment period within 1 year;

-197 000$ in subsidies;

-165 tons on GHGs/year; The average annual consumption of 37 passenger-vehicles;



"Solmax is the world's largest geosynthetics manufacturer. Our products contain and drain, shielding the soil, water and air from toxins and polluants in applications as critical as the landfills of the world's most populated cities and mines operating in fragfile ecosystems. With plants in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, our products are sold over 60 countries, trusted by some of the biggest names in minning, oil and gas, water and waste management and civil engineering.  Our leadership is built on 40+ year's of product innovation and excellence. We aim to reshape the industry, leading change by bringing to market innovative products that are more reliable, stronger, resistant to contaminants and affordable, even in developing countries."

Source: https://www.solmax.com/en/about/about-solmax