C-nergie is a company specialized in energy efficiency since its foundation in 2006. Its main objective is to reduce customer’s energy consumption and make them benefit from a cost reduction. C-nergie’s energy efficiency expertise is certainly an asset for all organizations. Our projects are aimed at industrial, institutional and commercial sectors.

In order, to properly target our customer’s needs and to make overall and sustainable improvements to the operation of their businesses, we perform a complete analysis of energy and consumption expenditures, considering the financial support available. The solutions offered by our team aim to significantly reduce energy costs while guiding our customers towards eco-friendly practices.

Our mission

C-nergie’s mission is to optimize our customer’s energy expenditure, in order, to ensure better profitability while preserving environmental resources in the long-term.

C-nergie is committed in providing a professional service in the need’s analysis, the resource’s optimization and the equipment’s modernization.

Our values

Driven by rigor, integrity and respect for innovation, C-nergie is committed in bringing each of its values together through all the stages of its projects. C-nergie also selects minded partners with a common goal of always respecting the core value of the company and the guiding principal of all projects: customer satisfaction.

We believe that offering a personalized, professional and accessible service while working rigorously, honestly and respecting all partners and processes is the best way to serve our customers.

Our vision

C-nergie wishes to establish itself as an essential and accessible partner for any energy efficiency optimization projects. It is for this reason that we constantly strive to offer a personalized service to our clients, a stimulating environment respecting each team member’s ambitions and to continually update our knowledge in the energy field.