Energy audit and feasibility study

What is an energy audit and a feasibility study?

An energy audit is the current efficiency profile of a system’s various components. This overall energy profile can be conducted during the design phase, but also on existing systems or processes. As for the feasibility study, it is the action plan used to achieve objectives. By highlighting a project’s technical and economical aspects, the feasibility study can also identify a facility’s environmental impact and place it in a market context.

C-nergie’s expertise

C-nergie will visit your facilities and produce a free preliminary report to assess your energy consumption and help you make informed choices. Then, if you decide to enlist our services, our experts will conduct a feasibility study to identify concrete measures to better control your electricity and energy consumption. Up to 50% of the feasibility study’s costs can be covered by the subsidies that C-nergie will help you obtain.

The benefits of our services

  • Increased energy efficiency
  • lower costs
  • environmental protection
  • Easier facility maintenance
  • Quick return on investment

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