Energy recovery

What is cooling?

Cooling systems help to cool environments, materials or industrial processes. They can also prevent overheating, which could, for example, cause an engine failure. A cooling system stores the excess heat and tosses it in a given location.

What is heat recovery?

Heat recovery can go with cooling: the heat generated from the cooling process or from the compressor can be recovered for, among other things, assisting in heating buildings.

The C-nergie expertise

For your cooling needs, specialists from C-nergie will perform a complete analysis of your equipment and offer you a suitable cooling process for your facility. If a heat recovery system is also applicable, C-nergie will assess the potential for recovering heat to offer a cost effective solution.

The advantages of our services

  • Optimized cooling systems;
  • Economy and Energy Recovery ranging from 20 to 70%;
  • Reduction of energy costs.

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