Boiler and steam networks

What is a boiler?

It is a large container used to produce steam.  Many companies use this process either to heat air or liquids, or to liquefy or dry a product. In all cases, steam is produced by one or several boilers.

What is a steam network?

After it is produced, steam needs to be distributed to energy-consuming equipment. The residual material from the steam used, condensate, is generally returned to the boiler or discarded. The term steam network refers to a set of pipes needed to transport steam.

C-nergie’s expertise

C-nergie offers a complete solution from energy analysis to implementing turnkey recommendations to optimize steam networks and steam production plants. Whether your boilers run on electricity, fossil fuel or biomass, our experts will be able to identify solutions for improvement and create a customized intervention plan for you.

The benefits of our services

  • Increased steam network energy efficiency and reliability
  • Reduced operating costs and steam production

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