Friday May 1, 2015

Hydro-Québec Modification of the Industrial Systems Program

Hydro-Québec’s Industrial Systems Program is in place to permit the implementation of different measures to reduce the specific consumption of electricity facilities and of electromechanical processes and systems. On May 1st 2015, several changes in the program took effect. First, amendments mainly relating to the tool used in the Prescriptive Measures pane have been made. Following the modifications concerning the tools used for calculations, Hydro-Québec’s financial support may have increased or descreased according to the energy efficiency measures selected.


Indeed, among the novelties regarding lighting, the DLC luminaries have been classified into two different categories, DLC regular and DLC premium. Generally, the financial support for lighting is enhanced if luminaries that fit with the DLC Premium criteria are chosen. For now however, even though the new support program is available, it is not possible to take advantage of it as the criteria that qualifies a Premium luminaire remain unknown.


The Continuous Measurement component has also undergone changes. Now called Electrical Energy Management System, the financial support of this component was enhanced. The maximum financial support that was of %50,000 is now of $75,000, but the rule for calculating the support remains the same; which is 50% of the actual eligible costs.


As for the Technology Demonstration component, it was withdrawn from the Industrial Systems Program to be paired with the IDÉE activities (technology and experimentation demonstration initiatives) and PISTE (efficient technologies’ structuring initiative projects). For the New Factory component, the expansion or addition of production lines, projects for which the the PRI (return period on investment) in electricity conservation is superior to 10 years are now eligible (as is the Modernization component) and the methods for calculating financial support have been revised.

The Industrial Systems Program has also grown, now incorporating cold storage buildings, which were before supported by the Buildings Program. Several components have also had their maximum provided support reviewed, and these changes can be applied to new projects submitted after May 1st 2015.

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