Wednesday April 1, 2015

Hydro-Québec Modification of the Buildings Program

Since April 1st, 2015, amendments were made to Hydro-Québec’s Buildings Program. This program, which provides financial support for the implementation of energy efficient measures in commercial or institutional buildings, is twofold; the third part, on public LED lighting, ended on March 31, 2015. The first part, tailored to the project can adapt to better meet their needs. It aims to improve the performance of the building in what concerns its electricity consumption. The second component, prescriptive, provides simple solutions and calculates the financial support by means of a simplified tool.


The changes that were brought to this program affect firstly the conditions of eligibility. Now, for a project to be eligible for the catered component its area must be of at least 10,000m2 and the total savings of eligible electricity generated, of at least 50,000kWh. To be eligible for the prescriptive component, a project must have an area less than 10,000m2 and the energy efficient measures implemented must be eligible for a financial support of at least $2,500. Other changes mainly concern the tool for calculating energy savings, the software for Hydro-Québec’s Buildings Program (SCH).

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