New financial support program

Thursday December 12, 2013

New financial support program Ecoperformance

The Marois government recently launched its EcoPerformance program. The program is intended to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by funding projects and measures to reduce consumption of fossil fuels and to make processes and buildings more energy efficient.


Eligibility criteria

Any company, institution or municipality that consumes fossil fuels or whose processes generate fugitive GHG emissions.


The program

The program has three components, each with a specific objective. This allows for the attribution of distinct grants.


Analysis component

This component relates to determining and quantifying measures intended to reduce fossil fuel consumption and GHG emissions. It also comprises analysis of the implementation costs of those measures. Funding varies between 50 and 75%, depending on the size of the project.


Eligible expenses cover:

  • Consultant fees, when applicable
  • The cost of in-house specialists (salaries and benefits as well as transportation costs up to a maximum amount established in the agreement)
  • The rental cost of measuring instruments


Energy management component

Organizations that wish to implement an energy management system to improve their energy efficiency and reduce GHG emissions are eligible for financial support.


This financial support covers 50% of eligible expenses, up to a maximum of $275,000 per site. Some eligibility conditions must be met.


Implementation component

Projects focusing on energy efficiency, GHG emission reduction or conversion to energy sources with lower GHG emissions can also obtain financial support.  


Annual funding for this component is limited to $5 million per request and $10 million per site, irrespective of the client category. The funding granted corresponds to the lesser of the following amounts:




Total funding/eligible expenses

ROI period (years)


Large consumers

  • Industrial
  • Commercial and institutional




Small and medium consumers

  • Industrial
  • Commercial and institutional





Projects to reduce fugitive emissions from processes





For projects to receive funding, some eligibility criteria must be met. Depending on the type of organization and its consumer category, the return on investment (ROI) period without funding must be 10 or 20 years.


Eligible expenses


Existing sites

  • Acquisition and retrofitting of equipment as well as cost overruns for the replacement of end-of-life equipment, as compared to the cost of standard equipment
  • Cost of engineering, installation, activation and measurement work completed by the applicant’s personnel or contracted staff
  • Cost of measuring, quantification and verification by an external consultant before or after installation of the equipment


New sites

  • Cost overruns related to the acquisition of the new equipment, as compared to standard equipment
  • Cost overruns related to engineering, installation and activation of the equipment, as compared to standard approaches
  • Measurement costs, after installation of the equipment, including costs related to the quantification of GHG emissions


The total funding received from government departments and agencies or energy distributors cannot exceed 75% of all program-eligible expenses.




* Source: Quebec Department of Natural Resources



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