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Friday November 1, 2013

Important changes from HQ Industrial System Program

HQ has been offering financial aid through its Industrial Systems Program since 2004.  This program has now been divided into 6 components.  Last spring, the “Modernization” component was standardized to savings of 15 cents/kWh for its L rate clients as well as M ones although the financial aid would have previously reached 30 cents/kWh.


In view of standardizing, recent changes have affected “Prescriptive Measures” as well.  Although many criteria are used in the calculation of financial aid, it’s the amount calculated based on eligible savings that’s essential.  Since November 1st, this amount has gone from 20 cents/kWh to 15 cents/kWh, a 25% decrease.


Listed below is a summary of changes affecting projects in lighting modernization projects :

  • Replacing T12 luminaires with other types of fluorescents is now not admissible;
  • LED EXIT signs are now not admissible;
  • The modeled cost of T-5 HO light fixtures has been reduced, therefore reducing the financial aid;
  • LED fixtures must now be listed on the DesignLights Consortium (DLC);
  • Induction and LED lighting are now no longer part of the “Modernization” component but rather will be dealt with in the “Industrial System” component, using a new tool.


Depending on the lighting system in place as well as the technology proposed and hours of usage, the above changes could have significant impacts on the amount of financial aid offered.  Do not hesitate to contact us in order to help you assess the impact of these changes on your projects and to propose alternatives.

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