Energy efficiency: thinking differently

Tuesday July 2, 2013

Energy efficiency: thinking differently An ingenious realization from Peru


Issues about energy efficiency and sustainable development receive a favourable response from both governments and the public. Changes in certain sectors, such as transportation, housing, industry and agri-food, could be made to reduce our environmental footprint while achieving substantial savings.


In terms of energy efficiency, the best innovations are often the ones that develop solutions that are both simple and ingenious. They can address a specific problem encountered within a particular company, region or sector.


Although some principles and ideas deserve to be propagated so that everybody can benefit from them, others are characteristic of a more specific problem or situation. Such is the case with an idea that started at UTEC (a Peruvian university specializing in engineering and technology) where a process to collect water from the air was created. The billboard on which the system was installed is then transformed into a drinking water supply for residents living nearby. In a location where water is scarce and non-potable, this brilliant idea could address a vital need while respecting the integrity of the environment.  See how UTEC gave a whole new dimension to this billboard by transforming it into a water source for the people of Lima:



Imagining things from different angles helps generate original and ingenious solutions.

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