LED lighting for Otterburn Park

C-nergie conducted a pilot project in collaboration with the technical department of the city of Otterburn Park to demonstrate the effectiveness of LED luminaires.

After a detailed analysis, C-nergie proposed four brands of lighting fixtures, especially selected for their performance and great value. These were then installed on 13 lampposts located on a busy street in the city.

For the city, the benefits would be a significant reduction in maintenance costs, since the new lights have a lifespan of 24 years, while the bulbs in the old fixtures needed replacement every 3 to 6 years.



The benefits resulted in :

  • 73% annual savings on electricity bill (decrease of $ 19,210);
  • 371,153 kWh saved, equivilant to the average annual consumption of 15 single-family homes;
  • a return on investment of 5.2 years;
  • $ 49 000 in grants;
  • 100% of the mercury removed since LED bulbs are mercury free.

View the project sheet (french)

Town of Otterburn Park

Otterburn Park is a small town located 40 km east of Montreal.  The town lies south of Mont-Saint-Hilaire on the Richelieu River. The city is described as a « human scale and innovative waterfront city, providing an attractive and natural environment for its citizens. »


Source :http://www.ville.otterburnpark.qc.ca/