City of Waterloo

The City of Waterloo wanted to optimize lighting at the arena, city hall and the offices of the Sureté du Québec. For the arena, C-nergie chose to consolidate the lighting in order to provide uniform brightness on the skating rink. C-nergie was able to provide innovative solutions to its client while meeting its deadlines.

C-nergie is proud of the energy savings that the City of Waterloo achieved:

  • $13,605 in annual savings on its electricity bill;
  • an average of 55% energy savings compared to the previous system;
  • 178,000 kWh in energy savings, equivalent to the consumption of more than seven single family homes;
  • $15,688 in subsidies received;
  • a return on investment averaging 2.4 years.
Town of Waterloo

“Waterloo is a place that lets its residents express themselves through their creativity. This charming, centrally located city also provides a living environment that meets all athletic, cultural, spiritual and community needs. »


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