City of Varennes

The City of Varennes wanted to optimize the lighting in its arena and municipal pool. For the arena, C-nergie consolidated the lighting in order to provide uniform brightness on the ice. For the pool, it was important that the light doesn't reflect off the surface of the water so that the lifeguard could see to the bottom of the pool. C-nergie recommended efficient lighting from a specific angle for each light fixture.

C-nergie is proud of the energy savings that the City of Varennes achieved:

  • $8,116 in annual savings on its electricity bill;
  • an average of 40% in energy savings compared to the previous system;
  • 90,000 kWh in energy savings, equivalent to the consumption of more than three single family homes;
  • $1,840 in subsidies received;
  • a return on investment averaging 3.4 years.
Town of Varennes

“A desirable location, a major economic hub, accessible and customized citizen services, well manicured parks, cultural and community activities for people of all ages, advantageous property tax rates and a young and dynamic population: this is Varennes."


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