Heat recovery

Oldcastle, in conjunction with C-nergie’s team, has opted for a mechanical heat recovery and centralized control project. The heat from the dust collectors and from the hydraulic system will allow the plant to significantly reduce natural gas consumption and thus, reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with operating the building.

Furthermore, the modernization of the hydraulic system’s cooling system will contribute to the plant’s heating in winter while eliminating the old cooling system that was powered by the municipality’s drinking water.

All the measures put in place allow annual savings of nearly 54,000 cubic meters of natural gas.



Benefits totaled:

  • 565 357 kWh of savings;
  • 122 048 $ in grants and subsidies;
  • Reduction of 102 tons on green gas emissions;
  • Thousands of litres of drinking water saved.
Old Castle

Oldcastle is a global building materials which are headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. This powerful group has more than 170 plants across North America with more than a dozen in Quebec and Ontario through its divisions Permacon and Transpavé.